BioVitall Powder for feed (BVP-F)

Calcium Carbonate HG (CC-HG)

Feed material for animal feed

BioVitall Powder for feed (BVP-F) is a fully natural product (chalk powder or salt) without additives. It is treated with an oxygen activation (see the research reports) and therefore an ammonia and bad smell reduction (80-90%) is possible. BVP-F is not sensitive to cold or heat and can easily be mixed by feed or pressed into pellets. In the animal, the oxygen-loving bacteria grow very rapidly which gives a much better digestion according to studies. Without that during the investigation there was actually an bad smell and ammonia reduction, of only 5 ppm to 3 ppm in sections, gave the product a 7% sharper feed conversion and a 7% better growth. Same process occurs in the manure pit with the products BVP-M or BVP M-Plus.

Reason for a

  • better stable climate - little ammonia 
  • better health for the animals
  • not or hardly use of antibiotics !
  • better growth - better meat quality 
  • better milk production
  • better feed processing / sharper feed conversion 
  • homogeneous and valuable manure 
  • good for the health of farmers 
  • against foaming in the manure 

Use for feed

Swine feed200 grams BVP-F per tonne of feed or 0.4 grams per animal per day
Cattle feed...... grams BVP-F per tonne of feed or 0.7 to 1 grams per animal per day
Veal calves (white)0.4 grams BVP-F per animal per day, add to the mixer for example
Horse feed300 grams BVP-F per tonne chunk or 0.7 grams per animal per day
Chicken feed (turkey)200 to 500 grams BVP-F per tonne of feed 
Broilers350 grams BVP-F per tonne of feed 
Goats, sheep200 grams BVP-F per tonne of feed 
Dogs, cats, etc.200 grams BVP-F per tonne of feed (pellets)


100% Chalk Powder  / Calcium Carbonate HG (CC-HG) or based on salt.

By the action of the product in the pit the manure will be homogeneous. It is necessary that there is sufficient moisture in the manure pit. It also works against foaming in the pit. Against fermentation in liquid feed pipes.

BioVitall Powder for feed (BVP-F) is supplied with a GMP+ certification.

With such a product, we have the best research reports in the world.